Outdoor and Indoor Rugs

Texsilk rugs are meticulously engineered for both indoor and outdoor spaces. With plush softness for comfort underfoot paired with durability to withstand high traffic and outdoor conditions, our mats provide sophisticated style with performance.

Key Benefits
• Withstand sun, rain, chlorine, and heavy use
• Resist stains and clean up easily
• 100% recyclable
• Rigorously tested for safety and quality
• Customizable colors and sizes

Carpets That Withstand the Elements

Our carpets resist weather, chlorine, and UV rays, retaining their beauty and softness for years even in demanding patios, terraces, decks, porchs, gardens, grill areas and high-traffic indoor settings.

Crafted from solution-dyed polypropylene yarns, Texsilk rugs are intrinsically resistant to chlorine, allowing them to withstand pool and patio environments that degrade lesser carpets. Bold colors remain vibrant despite constant sun exposure. Our fabrics resist rain, snow and moisture.

Rigorously tested for colorfastness and durability, our rugs undergo strict quality checks to ensure they resist fading and damage from environmental factors. Their resilient construction and UV-stable pigments preserve their elegant appearance and plush pile.

Texsilk rugs defy the short lifespan of standard mats. Their unparalleled resistance to the elements allows them to maintain their sophisticated look anywhere they are used, indoors and out. Invest in quality you can rely on.

Eco-Conscious Rugs Kind to Your Home & the Planet

Our rugs are specially designed for sustainability from start to finish. Our vertically integrated manufacturing near Barcelona oversees every production step for superior quality control.

Crafted from 100% recyclable polypropylene, Texsilk rugs have the lowest carbon footprint in their category. Our eco-friendly manufacturing generates far less CO2 than standard rugs.

We use renewable energy in our facilities and pledged to lower emissions annually. No harmful chemicals like PFAs are ever used, making our rugs Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified safe.

Choosing Texsilk means choosing the most eco- friendly rugs. With rigorous testing and responsible production, you can enhance your home guilt-free. Our rugs are kind to people and the planet.

Nature-Inspired Rug Colors

Texsilk rugs draw color inspiration from the natural beauty of the outdoors. Choose from 5 standard hues reminiscent of the earth and sea. Almond evokes sand and natural stone while Moss Green conjures up lush forests. Azure Blue brings to mind the sea and clear skies. Terracotta reflects rich clay and Black provides a classic, versatile shade.

With quality solution-dyed fabrics, your Texsilk rug will remain vibrant for years while maintaining durability.

Looking for a unique color or size? We can craft custom rugs to fit your exact spatial needs, whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, patio, garden, decking, conservatory or balcony.

Whether you want more information, pricing for custom work, or help envisioning possibilities tailored to your place and decor, our team is ready to assist. Contact us to discuss transforming your space with Texsilk’s durable and customizable carpeting.

Technical Specifications

  • Composition: 100% Solution Dyed Polypropylene Weight: 840 g/m2
  • Standard sizes: 160 x 230 cm, 200 x 290 cm and custom sizes*
  • Colors: Almond, black, terracota, moss green, azure blue and custom colors*
  • Clean with confidence: Texsilk rugs are easy to maintain without detergents

*Need a unique size or color? Ask our sales team about fully customizable rugs perfect
for your space.

Low-Maintenance Rugs for Worry-Free Living

Texsilk carpets are engineered for easy care, allowing you to entertain and live stress-free. Their stain resistant fibers and construction let stains wash away with ease.

A simple periodic rinse or hose-down keeps our rugs looking freshly cleaned. Any deeper cleaning is frustration-free using water, mild soap and gentle scrubbing. For stubborn stains, bleach can be safely used without damaging the durable fibers or causing discoloration.

With little required upkeep, Texsilk rugs maintain their soft, luxurious look and feel over years of use. Their long-wearing performance means less time spent scrubbing and more time enjoying your space.

Please click to link below to watch a comprehensive cleaning video demonstration featuring the use of bleach and other products.