Texsilk’s Water Repellent Finish.
The First Line of Defense

At Texsilk, we treat every meter of our solution dyed Olefin fabric with a durable water repellent finish. This provides the first line of defense against the elements.

Our high-performance fabrics are woven using solution dyed olefin yarns, meaning the color is injected into the fibers prior to being extruded into yarn. This creates superior colorfastness and resistance to UV fading.

On top of these durable and fade-resistant olefin fabrics, we apply a durable water repellent treatment using cutting-edge technology to create a hydrophobic protective layer on the surface of the fibers. This prevents moisture from saturating the fabric while allowing internal water vapor to escape.

The key benefits of our water repellent finish include:

Keeps Fabrics Dry – small quantitites of water, snow, and dew will bead up and roll off the fabric surface rather than soak in. This maintains the beautiful look and feel of your upholstery or shade fabrics when used outdoors.

Resists Stains – Spills and dirt wash off easily before they can set into the fabric, making care and maintenance much simpler.

Provides UV Resistance – The DWR coating forms a protective barrier that helps reflect harsh UV rays.

Long-Lasting Protection – We use only the highest grade formulations to ensure durable water repellency that won’t wash away after just a few uses.

Our standard water repellent finish is just the start. Discover all of the added fabric enhancements we can provide to create the perfect outdoor-ready fabrics for your needs:

On top of the standard water repellent treatment we can add other finishes for different applications:

Texsilk’s Fix Coating.
Experience Superior Sewability

This is a light, flexible coating we apply to one side of the fabric to improve sewability and prevent yarn slipping during sewing. This treatment is primarily recommended for open construction fabrics like our Semai collection.

Our Fix finishing is formulated with an advanced PU/acrylic copolymer resin that keeps yarns locked in place without affecting the look, feel or flexibility of the fabric. Its purpose is to keep the yarns together and prevent them from shifting or unraveling during cutting and sewing process.

The benefits of our Fix enhancement include:

- Minimizes Distortion - The coated side of the fabric helps hold it shape during sewing and manufacturing for fewer defects.

- Reduces Snags and Runs - Securing the yarns in place prevents pulls, snags and runs during the production process.

- High Flexibility Retained - Unlike stiffer backcoatings, our thin Fix finish maintains the original softness and drape of the fabric.

- Durable Application - We use a specialized process to permanently adhere the Fix upgrade to the fabric for lasting sewability enhancement even after repeated launderings.

The Fix coating is ideal and mainly advised for:

-  Upholstery, pillows, cushions, bean bags, marine and other sewn outdoor textiles.

Our Fix treatment allows you to efficiently create high quality pillows, cushions, upholstery and more without the headaches of shifting and stretching fabrics. Discover the Texsilk difference today!

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Texsilk’s Plast Enhancement.
Get a good level of Water-resistance

For exposed outdoor applications like velums, parasols and shade sails, our Plast finish provides an ideal level of water resistance without compromising the fabric's flexibility.

We apply a proprietary PU/acrylic copolymer coating to one side of the fabric to achieve a water column rating of 200-300 mm. This offers protection against rain.

The key benefits of our Plast water resistant boost include:

  • Repels Rain – Keeps cushions, parasols and shade sails protected and functional during spring showers.
  • Durable Yet Flexible - The acrylic component keeps the Plast upgrade from becoming stiff or flaking over time. Fabrics still retain a soft, pliable feel and drape.
  • Promotes Quick Drying - Even if moisture soaks the fabric, it will evaporate quickly.

The Plast enhancement is ideal and mainly recommended for:

  • Cushions
  • Parasols
  • Shade Sails

Our Plast finish allows you to add a key degree of weather protection for exposed applications without sacrificing comfort and workability. Discover how Texsilk can enhance your next outdoor project.

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Texsilk’s Wp Finish.
Achieve True Waterproofing

For outdoor applications requiring a high degree of water protection, Texsilk's Wp enhancement makes fabrics fully waterproof.

We apply a thicker PU/acrylic copolymer coating to one side of the fabric, creating a water column rating above 1000mm, which means the fabric becomes 100% waterproof. This prevents water from passing through the fabric, even in heavy rain.

Key advantages of our Wp waterproofing include:

  • Total Water Barrier - Rain, sleet and snow are blocked from penetrating through the fabric. Ideal for velums, parasols and shade sails exposed to the elements.
  • Long-Lasting - The Wp formulation creates a durable, resilient finish that maintains waterproof performance over time.
  • Abrasion Resistant - The thick coated side stands up to wind friction and regular use without cracking or peeling.

The Wp waterproof coating is ideal and mainly recommended for:

  • Exterior Velums
  • Parasols
  • Shade Sails

While the Wp finish creates a stiff, less flexible feel, the trade-off is reliably waterproof outdoor performance in even the wettest conditions. Trust Texsilk when you need serious weather protection.

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Texsilk’s Lmn Fabric Lamination.
Total Waterproof Protection, Original Flexibility

Texsilk's Lmn enhancement provides complete waterproofing for a wide variety of outdoor and upholstery applications.

We laminate a thin, flexible polyurethane film to one side of the fabric. This creates an impermeable barrier against liquid while maintaining the original look, feel and drape of the material. A waterproof fabric for outdoor uses.

Benefits of Lmn include:

- Total Liquid Impermeability - The laminated film blocks all water, spills and moisture.

- Retains Flexibility - No stiffness, cracking or peeling like other coatings. The fabric retains original draping quality.

- Strong Adhesion - Our process tightly bonds the PU film to the fabric for permanent waterproofing performance.

- Adds Tear Resistance - The laminated film strengthens and reinforces the material against rips and damage.

- Avoid Condensation  - The laminated film prevents condensation to build up inside your product

The Lmn finish is ideal and advised for:

- Upholstered furniture, Pillows, Cushions, Bean Bags, Chaise Lounges, Day Beds,…

- Exterior Velums, Parasols, Shade Sails and Marine Uses

Trust Texsilk's Lmn enhancement to provide rugged liquid protection without compromising comfort, feel or flexibility. Discover the difference it can make for your next project.

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