100% Vertically integrated


We are a family company with a long textile tradition dating back to 1820 when Francesc Ponsa and Teresa Casajuana started a weaving company in Manresa making narrow fabrics. The textile manufacturing has continued over the last 200 years thanks to the effort and vision of 7 generations of the Ponsa family.

Among all of them we want to make a special tribute to the women that worked hard to keep the textile manufacturing through wars and recessions, some of these are Esperança Llaurado, Teresa Casajuana, Maria Muntane and Teresa Prat.

Today the company is lead by Marc Ponsa Prat, the 8th generation of this family.

Vertically business

A key advantage of our company is that we are a completely vertically integrated company. We control and produce all the key materials of the fabric production, starting with pigment manufacturing and continuing with yarn extrusion, warping, weaving and finishing.